E komo mai!

Welcome to Alohacash – a place where we hope to educate you, intrigue you, and invite you to become a part of our vision – a vision of business, commerce and community working together to support the local Hawaiian economy in healthy and diverse ways.

Concepts like globalization and infrastructure are an everyday part of the world’s economy, but Hawaii is a little different – out here in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean (we’re the most remote island chain in the world) – being reliant on imports and outside economic factors create unnecessary expense in many of our markets.

The concept of Local Currency is not that different from a barter or trade system which pre-dates much of the fiat currencies in use today. Wikipedia has a good basic outline of the concept at:


That’s why we created Alohacash – as a way to stimulate trade and commerce on a local level while giving back to the community.  As a community, Alohacash believes “Mai iloko mai” – that which is within matters, for all of Hawaii.
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